Third Rock From The Sun  R&D 1015 - Andy Garboden


Sides Face Grand Square

She walks into Smokey's one hip at a time 
Like a broken field runner slippin' through the line 
He likes the way she looks so he calls the little wife says 
Allemande Left and Weave Tonight

Wife hangs up the phone, bursts into tears 
Calls her sister up and cries "Get over here"

...Welcome to earth third rock from the sun

FIGURE (twice for heads, twice for sides

Heads Square Thru you know, Around the corner Do Sa Do

Swing thru and then Spin The Top,

The Boys move up a Right and Left Thru,

Square Thru to 3 go round, Swing the Corner girl

and promenade go round the ring

.... Welcome to earth third rock from the sun

Middle Break and Closer

Sides Face Grand Square

'Cause and effect, chain of events 
All of the chaos makes perfect sense 
When you're spinning round, things come undone 

Allemande Left and Weave the ring

Welcome to earth third rock from the su

Music Interlude 32 Beats



Welcome To Earth Third Rock From The Sun

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